Monday, July 2, 2012


This video is super short but I just had to share it. I quickly got out my phone and started recording and I guess it didn't have time to focus so the video came out like this. I thought it was pretty cool so I thought I'd share. :)

Road trip: Day 4

Day 4 we spent the majority of the day in NYC. I absolutely loved it. I can't wait to go back.
I woke up on Tuesday and went and got myself a bagel for breakfast then we all got ready really fast and headed into the city. We stayed in New Jersey so we had about a 45 minute drive to NYC. We went through the Holland Tunnel to get into the city which was kind of weird. I've been through tunnels but never an underwater tunnel. It was fun. First thing I saw when we got through the tunnel was the NYPD station. Then we drove down Broadway in lower Manhattan. Driving in NY was an experience in itself. Well, I was riding but I was in charge of the gps so I had to navigate us around to our parking garage. That was kind of intense. We also passed some sort of protest or strike. We couldn't figure out what they were yelling about but they were blasting some old school Madonna. The first thing we did was ride the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. 

We didn't actually get off the ferry to go to the Statue since you couldn't go up in it due to construction. We also opted out of getting off at Ellis Island so we could go walk around the city for a while. It was pretty cool being able to be so close to the Statue of Liberty. Something we see on tv all the time and honestly I couldn't have imagined I would have been in NYC anytime in the near future so it was an amazing experience. Once we got back on land we took some pictures in front of this cool fountain and my brother chased a pigeon...He's goofy.

Then we walked down past the NY Stock Exchange and headed to the 9/11 memorial. Our plan was to get hot dogs but we saw this pizza place and just had to try it. Who could resist NY style pizza?? Especially a family of pizza lovers. It was seriously the best pizza I've ever had and I'm sure there are some crazy good pizza places in NYC. I can guarantee that my next visit to NY will consist of eating lots and lots of different pizza. It's my favorite. After our awesome pizza stop we headed to the 9/11 memorial and talked to some guy trying to sell us books about 9/11 for a while. He was pretty cool even though he was determined to sell us stuff. He answered a ton of my brother's questions about the twin towers and 9/11. 

The whole trip up there we were listening to Maroon 5's Pay phone so Ashley had to take a picture at a pay phone. Haha! We didn't actually ride the subway but it was still pretty cool to see the entrances and exits like you see all the time on tv. I was having a great time taking pictures with stuff. I got some pretty cute souvenirs too! 

After we left the city we decided we wanted to go visit Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, NJ. We were hoping we'd be able to go in and maybe see a glimpse of the Cake Boss himself and try some of his yummy treats but sadly there was a ridiculous line to get tickets to get in and it was not moving so we opted for Rita's italian ice instead. Rita's did not disappoint! 

We saw the world's sketchiest smoothie cart made out of a shopping cart as we were leaving Hoboken and saw the last few glimpses of the city. Oh, and let me say that the weather the whole time was absolutely wonderful! We couldn't have picked a better day to go. It was fairly cool and not humid at all compared to the crazy humidity we have here in Oklahoma. Our first NYC visit couldn't have been better.