Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Today we get to start our Advent calendar. I'm going to try my best to post each day about each daily activity. I'm really excited to get started. This is the first time we have done an Advent calendar and I'm super excited.

Are you doing an Advent calendar this year? If so, what does yours look like?

this love is ours

I can't get enough of this song.

this past week

The other day at Wal-Mart I heard some familiar sounds. I turned around a saw two tv's playing two of my favorite childhood cartoons. One tv was playing Beauty and the Beast and the other was playing The Berenstien Bears Christmas! 

On Thanksgiving day after we ate lunch with Fletcher's Mom we proceeded to get our plan together for  our Black Friday shopping trip. We literally planned all day. It was worth it.

While Fletcher's Mom and I planned he lounged around with Tilly.

We left their house at 9:15 and headed to the tiny Wal-Mart in the town that our parent's live in and we were out of there by 10:15 (no one knew they were checking people out in electronics so we got back there and out super quick) then we headed straight to Joplin, MO. It's about 50 miles from where we were and we decided it would probably be our best bet for our shopping trip. Once we got there we first drove by Target, Kohl's and Best Buy, all of which had crazy long lines so we hit up the mall first and went to Macy's. We started there at midnight and left Joplin at about 4 a.m. We ended up going to Macy's, Bath & Body Works, Target, Kohl's (where I stood in line for 2 hours!!), Best Buy (Fletcher was in there for an hour and a half in line), Macy's again and then we headed home. 

Here's my haul! A couple of those things are gifts but most of it came home with us.

Yes, I got the new Zelda with the cool gold wii remote. It's pretty awesome so far!

This week the weather has decided to get super cold. I'm perfectly okay with that. It gives me an excuse to cuddle up with a warm blanket and some hot tea or coffee.

We brought our Christmas tree home but didn't get to put it up yet. (See yesterday's post)

We bought a new white tree! It only took us about an hour to figure out why some of the lights didn't work but we fixed it!

Here is a little sneak peek at some of our other lovely Christmas decorations.

Our nightly rituals.
I was so excited this was on today! It's one of my absolute favorite Christmas cartoons!

Monday, November 28, 2011

oh, christmas tree

This year we have had a pretty difficult time in the Christmas tree department. We got our old Christmas tree and brought it home from my parent's house and forgot all about the pole that holds the whole thing up. We went all the way back and searched and can't seem to find it. My parents are out of town right now so until they get back we can't put it up. So, in the meantime we decided to get a new tree! I've been wanting a white tree for a while and this seemed like a great time to get one. This one was prelit and everything for a great price so I decided to go ahead and get it. We may still put our other tree up once we find the pole...we will see if it turns up.

 I got these really pretty glittery snowflakes for the new tree. Fletcher won't touch them. He hates glitter. Ha!

It's super pretty when it's not lit up too!

This is  a cute little photo that I think Sam took (?) I don't remember if this was the one I took or not but we were making some cute clay ornaments with these little cookie cutters. They turned out super cute. You'll see them soon when I show you the rest of our Christmas decorations around the house.

Have you put your tree up yet?

Monday, November 21, 2011

birthday fun

My birthday is one of my favorite days of the year. I get to spend a lot of time with my amazing friends and family. It makes me so appreciative of the relationships I have with each person. 

This lovely lady is Sam. She is my biff. We have traditions. Each year on my birthday and her birthday we have biff birthday dates. It's usually the day before or right around our birthdays and we just have a special little day where it's just us and we plan lots of special fun for each other. Also, each year on my birthday there has to be some sort of pumpkin dessert. It's a must! 

This year we chose Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frapps. So yummy.

We also went to the outdoor mall in Rogers, Ar. 

They were all ready for Christmas so we just had to take pictures!

Then the next day on my actual birthday we celebrated with the rest of our wonderful friends and family. We had some yummy cookie cakes that my sister made. They were soo good! We also got to go see Breaking Dawn which I liked quite a bit ;)  

Getting cards is really special to me. I feel like it takes a lot of thought to get just the right card and it means a lot when people take the time to write something special in them. This year we (Fletcher's birthday is Nov. 17th so he got cards too) got a lot of cards that had a lot of sweet messages from our dearest friends. 

I'd like to specially thank a few people right now because they made our birthdays some of the best birthdays that we've had.
First of all, our parents. We love you. Next, my brothers Davy and Bub and Fletcher's brother Colton, our cousin Abe, my sisters Mendy and Amber and my brother Butchie and his wonderful girlfriend Bailee. Of course, my best Christia, my biff Sam and my bbf (best Burt friend). Also, all of our other besties, Harmony, Josh and Kaylee, Trenton, Brandon and Keilana (for making it the cutest birthday ever) and everyone who told us happy birthday on Facebook or Twitter or in any other way!

We love you all so much. Our lives wouldn't be the same without you.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

birthday boy

This year we decided not to go all out for each other's birthdays so I bought Fletcher 5 different kinds of root beer (and an RC) since he loves to try new sodas. He loves root beer so I though it was perfect and it was. He drank them all in just a few days! Today is his birthday but I gave him the sodas about a week ago and they were gone a couple days ago! Ha! But, I made sure to make his birthday special and we went out and got some yummy dessert at Rib Crib. I got peach cobbler and he got blackberry (his favorite).

Happy 25th to the most amazing husband ever!

wedding weekend #2: Christia & Tyler

My best got married. She's amazing. Her wedding was wonderful and I'm so glad I got to be a part of her special day. 

Meet Christia, the beautiful bride. 

Her & her new hubby Tyler.  

Daddy/Daughter dance.

Such a sweet moment. 

After Christia's Daddy/Daughter dance she had it all set up for the MC to call her sister out to the dance floor to have the Daddy/Daughter dance she never had at her wedding. It was so cute and they had no clue it was happening. 

One of my favorite photos. Christia is such an amazing sister.  


This was during the dance after the second Daddy/Daughter dance. She had the MC call her Dad out one last time to have his first dance with his wife. They eloped and never got the chance to have a first dance but now they have. It was so special. I cried. 

They are one of my favorite couples ever.  

 Matron of honor speech. (Christia's sister)

Cupid shuffle anyone?


Christia dancing with her Grandpa. He got all spiffed up for the occasion. 

Love this!

That little girl was so dang cute. We were buddies.

Fletcher dancing with the bride. He was embarrassed.  

Dancing the night away!

I didn't get to take as many photos as I wanted of this amazing night but the ones I did get are some great memories that I'll cherish forever. 

I love you best. I wish you and Tyler nothing but great things.