Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Reading: I haven't been reading any books lately. Kinda falling behind on reading 1 book a month this year. I'm sure I'll catch up before it's over. I have been reading lots of blogs. Some of my favorites are Endlessly Enraptured and The Clueless Girl's Guide.

Thinking about: VACATION!! I look at my countdown app every day almost. It seems like time is going by so slow but I just keep reminding myself it gives us more time to save money so we can actually enjoy the trip. I've been googling so many places and coffee shops I want to visit. I'm so looking forward to just sitting on the beach and relaxing. We have a few other fun things planned before then too so maybe that will help with passing the time. Last year we volunteered at the Center of the Universe music festival here in Tulsa. It was a lot of fun so we plan on doing that again this July.

Listening: At this very moment I'm listening to Neon Trees. Their new album is pretty dang good. I've also been listening to the new Beck album a lot and the new Copeland song is amazing! I am so excited about their new album they are making!

Watching: I'm always watching tons of tv. My newest favorite show is Salem. It's soo good! Just a touch creepy and very well done I think. I've also been watching Bates Motel. It's getting really good. We are finally getting close to being done with Dexter. We are on the last season. It's taken us forever to get through it because Fletcher has been working overtime and we have so many other shows we watch regularly. Oh, the new season of Mad Men has been pretty good so far as well. A bit slow to begin with but it's just getting started so I am sure it will pick up. Regardless, it will always be one of my favorites.

Trying: Running. I've never ran in my life. I mean, yeah, sure, I've ran around the yard playing with my dog or running from wasps haha! but I've never been a runner. I suppose it's probably closer to jogging because I'm extremely slow but it's been pretty fun. Fletcher and I go and run this one section of road a block over from our house because there aren't any houses on it so people can't see me looking ridiculous trying to run. It's .2 miles one way so we usually run back and forth a few times. It doesn't sound like much but I feel pretty accomplished ha!

Loving: My amazing husband. Of course, I love him all the time but he's been working so hard lately so we can have extra money for vacation and not complaining about it at all. He's the best. Also, my best friend. She's about to start a new chapter in her life and I'm so proud of her and can't wait to see her do amazing things. No matter how many things she has going on she's always there for me.

Thanks to Danielle from Sometimes Sweet for the inspiration.

Monday, April 28, 2014

let's go on an adventure

So, 10 years ago this September, Fletcher asked me to be his girlfriend and 6 years ago on that same day we became husband and wife. The past 10 years have been an adventure on their own but we didn't have the time to go on a honeymoon when we got married and we haven't really taken any real vacations. We've visited family with my parents, I went to NYC with my brother and Fletcher wasn't able to join us, we've taken numerous trips to Kansas City every year which is always a great time but that's not too far from home and very familiar at this point. In December of last year we took a very rushed weekend trip to visit his brother and dad but those were not the best circumstances and while we did have an awesome time exploring Albuquerque there was a sense of hurry and it was rushed. We have always wanted to take a road trip together and just go and explore things and take our time and see states we've never seen before. We've been wanting to visit Portland for years now and we were actually already planning our trip up there when an awesome thing came up. Our friends in Showbread are having a reunion show with the line up from the No, Sir Nihilism is Not Practical days. It just happens to be in Portland so we moved up our vacation a month so we can make it to the show! We are extremely excited about that. We've been fans since 2005, seen 35+ shows, made new friends and Fletcher proposed to me on stage with them. That will always be one of my favorite memories. 

We are planning a pretty epic road trip. We are going to drive down Route 66 all the way to the end in Santa Monica, Ca then spend some much needed time at the beach. From there we will drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco and check out some neat stuff there and then make a little detour towards Sacramento so I can meet up with my bloggy friend Karli and meet in real life! Pretty excited about that. She's a sweetheart! From there I think we are going to head back to the coast and drive up some more and then head to Portland. We will get to stay with Fletcher's childhood best friend Ronald while we are there. We haven't seen him in a few years. He has a baby now and we haven't gotten to meet the little guy yet! We are going to stay almost a week in Portland so we will have lots of time to explore everything they have to offer. Then we will head home through Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Kansas. We will get back just in time to take my dad out for his birthday dinner! We seriously can not wait to leave. We've had a little taste of road tripping together from driving to Denver and back and it was a blast. I can't imagine a better person to explore the US with than my best friend. 

If you have any suggestions of places we should visit please comment or email me and let me know. We love coffee shops, bakeries, thrift shops, really anything!