Saturday, April 6, 2013


The other evening Fletcher, Cody and I decided to go drive around and scout out some places to do a photo shoot soon. I'll be working on some promo shots for Cody. We went to check out this old abandoned train. It's been just sitting on these tracks for years and hasn't moved at all. 

Today, Fletcher and I went on a little day date. I wore a dress for the first time this year. I love this dress. It's from Target. I tried to get Otter to take a picture with me but she was waay too hyper and just wanted to run around in circles and play. She loves the nice weather and it's so nice to have a yard she can run around in. I've been slowly trying to teach Fletcher how to use my camera so we can have some pictures with me in them too! Ha! He's not too enthusiastic about it but he's been trying. :) 

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Feeling: Happy. The weather has been warming up and sunny days just make everything better. 

Watching: Mad Men. Fletcher and I have been trying to finish up the last few episodes of season 5 before season 6 starts next week.

Reading: I just finished Girls in White Dresses. It was okay, it was one of those books where it's entertaining and you want to know what happens next but it seems like it drags on forever. Then the ending was just blah. So I'm excited to get started on a new book. 

Thinking about: Traveling. My 2 dream vacations are to visit Paris, France and Ireland. I need to work on getting my passport and start saving money.

Eating: Candy. I've been eating waaay too much leftover Easter candy. I really need to stop but Cadbury eggs are just so delicious!

Looking forward to: Summer for lots of reasons. A few of them are our trip to Colorado and Yellowstone with my parents, Mumford & Sons in Kansas City and Taylor Swift with my biff!

Making me happy: Fletcher, my biff, warm days, pretty flowers, candy, friends, my parents, my Otter bear, reading.

Post inspired by Danielle of Sometimes Sweet