Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rain, rain go away!

This is a before and after of my back yard yesterday and today after the crazy amount of rain we got last night. It's still raining too! It's supposed to rain all week! I'm all about getting some rain but dang! That's too much! It would be alright if it didn't flood like this. Oh well, gives me a good excuse to stay in a cuddle my pup. I may read a book or two as well. Sounds like a pretty good plan huh?

What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?


  1. Wow! Yeah it was crazy here last weekend (as you can see in my latest post haha)

    xo Jennifer


  2. i love staying in and blogging on a rainy day! ;)

  3. I love the sound of rain! But that's just so much rain. I totally get you sometimes in Austin we get rain for days and days.

  4. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post!


  5. I love the rain! But then I live in Oregon, so I'm pretty used to it. What do I do on a rainy day (aka: 9 months of the year)? Well, everything. Lol. Rainy days are not that unusual here. But… for the sake of answering your question… I love reading, blogging, knitting, watching tv. On the rare sunny day, I open the windows, go for a walk, etc, but a lot of times I'll just keep right on doing my indoor things even when it's sunny. ;P