Monday, March 12, 2012

summertime planning

This summer Fletcher and I will hopefully (keep your fingers crossed!) be going on a road trip! Yep, I think we may finally be getting to go on a real vacation all by ourselves. Don't get me wrong I looove going places with my parents and seeing my family but Fletcher and I have never been more than 4 hours away from home by ourselves on our own little trip! Needless to say I'm extremely excited. Where are we going you ask? To Denver! Actually, we will be headed a little north of there to visit his brother first but then we will be hitting Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs! So far I've only been able to look up places to eat! I can't bring myself to look at much else. Fletcher and I love to eat so we are pretty excited to try out some of the local places and food trucks! I had no idea Denver had so many food carts/trucks. Here are a few places we will definitely be trying first!

Sugar Lips


Do you have any recommendations? I'd love to hear about any places we should eat/visit/stay/shop in Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs or around there! 

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