Thursday, May 6, 2010

Momma's Day Part 1:

I am currently sitting in the kitchen, which smells just like Christmas time, and making my lovely Momma some treats. Her birthday is the 11th, so just a few days after Mother's Day, so she gets double the treats! :D I also got her a present and she's been bugging me to tell her all day. It's kinda funny.

So, I decided to let you in the on the secret!

IT IS...??????

NOPE! NOT TELLING! I know my Momma will be reading this so I just had to play a trick on her.
I will be posting all about it after the weekend! HEHE! :D

Love you Momma!


  1. Someone is a little (gobble gobble). She knew I would (eye function). But I have (comes on tv at 10 p.m.) for her. I'm not gonna (eye function). She can't make me. Aside from being a little (gobble gobble) she is as sweet as (m&m's and snickers) and I love her with all my (blood pumping organ.)

  2. By the way I'm watching you. Just say it before you leave home. I'll never know. I won't have time to look anyway. I'm changing your bedroom around and cleaning it since you have such bad allergies and all I live for is taking care of my baby girl. So maybe just a clue? You know how much I love carrot cake. (Hint hint) maybe that would be a good B.D. present. (like with raisins and nuts and real carrots and maybe some coconut topped with cream cheese icing). Is the weekend ever gonna get here???? ARRRGH! Love Momma