Tuesday, July 27, 2010

here we go...

The moving process is underway. It's taking forever for the bank to get everything together so we can close on our house so yet another week or two before we get to move into the place. In the meantime we have to be moved out of our rent house by the 1st. Fletcher and I decided to go to Texas this weekend to see my brother which means we have to be completely moved out by FRIDAY!!! Luckily, Fletcher's amazing aunt has a rental house about twenty minutes from us that she is kindly letting us stay in until we move into our house. This is the second time she has solved our no home problems!!! So, everything we own has been put into a storage unit and some of it is getting moved to the other rental....so we are kind of moving 3 or 4 times. Not so much fun. I'll be so glad when this ordeal is over with and we are finally in OUR house!!! So exciting!!! Once we get settled into the new house I have some big plans for this blog and a few other things! I can't wait to share!!

OH! We got a new table for free from some of our amazing friends and they happen to be Fletcher's old youth pastor and wife. We are doing some work on the table and painting it and the chairs black and I had Fletcher's Mom reupholster the seats and they look absolutely amazing! We found the perfect fabric at the first place we looked! I love it when that happens!
Here's a sneak peek!!


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  1. ahhhh!!!!! your own house, how exciting! Well normally I hate moving, but when its into your very own house that doesn't sound so bad