Friday, September 10, 2010

My Life From Scratch

I give this book 5 stars! It was very entertaining. I bought this book not knowing anything really about it. I scanned the summary on the back and just bought it on a whim since it was about baking. Once I started reading it I realized that this book was written by Gesine BULLOCK - Prado. BULLOCK!! This book was written by Sandra Bullock's sister! I was really surprised. I love Sandra Bullock. Anyway, this book was really good. It is a story about a career change that took her from Hollywood to Vermont! She went from big shot movie producer to small town baker. The descriptions of the sweets she bakes are so vivid. I was craving every single one of them the whole time I read this book. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves to bake and wants to open a bakery.


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  1. that looks like a good read! I'll give it a go when im less busy :( all i can read for the moment are law books :/