Monday, January 27, 2014

the night I thought the world was ending

So, last night was pretty crazy. Like, no joke. Yesterday was a pretty normal day. Super nice weather and then out of nowhere the wind started blowing like crazy and it got cold. The wind was blowing like crazy at around 50 mph and I assume that's what caused a big transformer to explode which in turn caused a giant field fire on the outskirts of our town. Now, let me tell you why I thought the world was ending. When the power went out we went and looked out the back door and it was pitch black outside. The whole town had lost power and you can see through our front door window from the back door so when I went back in the house I noticed that there was a crazy red glow coming from outside so I go open the front door and there was just this crazy red glow straight in front of our house and it turns out it was about 5-6 miles away from us. So, since the transformer caused the fire it had literally just started and so the giant red glow was growing really fast and getting brighter while I was watching it and I (for some reason) automatically assumed it was the end of the world and we were going to die. So, I started freaking out and I tried to call my parents and of course my cell phone wouldn't work. I finally got a hold of them and once I realized it wasn't the end of the world we decided to go drive around and see what it was. It was a huge grass fire in a field. Luckily, there were no houses around it and they got it put out before it got too out of control. It did take them 4 hours or so to put it out and we were without power for about 8 hours which sucked but hey, at least the world didn't end like I thought it was!! Haha! I feel kinda silly even typing this but oh well. I'm paranoid. I do regret not taking a photo of the red glow. I guess I was just freaking out too much and forgot. I wish I had because had you seen it you would have understood why it was so scary. Yeah, I've seen fires at night before but not in the pitch black dark and not in that type of random situation so it was pretty weird.

Anyway, before this crazy eventful night started we had a little fire of our own (no worries it was completely out before the wind ever started blowing) and I took some photos of our friend Cody for a show flyer he was making. 

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