Thursday, June 26, 2014

taking stock

Found this fun little list idea over on Vanilla & Lace. She got her inspiration from

Making: Plans for our trip. Only 35 more days!!!
Cooking: A lot! We eat at home pretty much every night so I cook a lot. This week we've had spaghetti, chicken and taco salads.

Drinking: Capri sun. We've been trying to cut back on pop and a lot of sugar actually but sometimes you just need something besides water so I have a capri sun every once in a while.
Reading: Nothing at the moment. I have a crazy list of books I need to read.
Wanting: To go swimming! It's been so rainy this summer and there hasn't been many chances to go swimming.
Enjoying: The newest Neon Trees album. They are so fun and summery!
Waiting: patiently on vacation to get here. I'm starting to lose my patience though especially with it getting so close. 
Liking: Going to the gym. I wasn't sure at first if I'd actually enjoy it but we go in the evening when no one else is there and it's actually pretty fun. I do some cardio and then Fletcher and I will throw around a medicine ball or do some other exercises together before we leave. 
Hoping: That everything goes smoothly on our trip. We've never been on a road trip or anywhere further than 12 hours away actually. So i'm really hoping that we don't have any issues.
Wearing: Shorts. All the time. It's so hot. 
Following: Lots of florist and travel instagram accounts. Such amazing and inspiring photos. 
Bookmarking: Ice cream recipes and donuts!
Feeling: So extremely happy.
Loving: My friends. I've been hanging out with all of my best friends a lot lately and it's been so much fun.

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