Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This blog has been a wonderful way to make some new friends. I just want to wish my dear friend Leti from Becoming Lola a wonderful birthday today! I recently met her through a little challenge she hosted on her lovely blog and we have become great friends. I can't wait to someday meet her in person and sit and talk about food and Paris for hours!

Leti, I hope today is absolutely amazing for you and someday we will get to hang out in Paris and enjoy some lovely macarons that we found while exploring cute little patisseries and see the pretty lights of the Eiffel Tower. Have a wonderful birthday girl!

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Hooray for awesome new friends!

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  1. Manday, you are THE BEST!!! How sweet to devote a whole lot of your blog space to me. Thanks for the bday wishes. I have no words. xoxoxo