Monday, October 25, 2010

photography tips?

I am in desperate need of some photography tips! I have been working on my food photography but something just isn't right. I seem to have the composition of the shot down but the quality of my pictures just isn't great. I think it's my lighting? I have been having some trouble figuring out the dang secret to good food photography lighting. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Here are my top 3 food photography inspirations:

Here is one of my recent photos so you can all see what I mean about the lighting and such.


  1. i just got a 35mm ff 1.8 lens for my nikon, and it works much better at making things look brighter and sharper, and theres a canon 50mm ff1.8 for $100 on amazon. that is kind of an investment though! also, putting things in a window and brightening things on photoshop? i am just learning with all of this too!

  2. also, i just saw this the other day, it might be helpful.

  3. i don't know anything about photography, but i notice my pictures come out better with a lot of natural lighting and when i use my 50mm, f/1.8 lens :)

  4. i agree on both the natural lighting and the 50 mm lens. also adobe lightroom is a great photo management program and you can tweak your photos there in a jiff. very straightforward unlike photoshop!

  5. thanks everyone! i need to figure out when the best lighting is coming through the one window that is available for me to use for photography and i'm going to check out lightroom! sadly, i don't have a fancy camera yet to be able to get lenses. :(

  6. Well those photos looks beautiful considering that you're just starting in photography. I totally agree with those previous comments Lens and Adobe tools can really help you enhance your photos.

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