Thursday, February 3, 2011

snow days and updates

So, this week we have been completely snowed in. We were under a blizzard warning Monday and Tuesday. It started snowing Monday night and didn't stop until Tuesday night! Our town got 20 inches of snow!! That's a record here!! The first couple of days my friend Christia was snowed in with us and my brother, Butchie. It's been really fun. Our days have consisted mostly of eating and playing Mario Kart on the wii. Today, we finally got brave and decided to dig Fletcher's truck out of the snow and venture to Wal-Mart. Fletcher and Butchie walked to Wal-Mart yesterday and they were out of milk so we decided to try again today and see how the roads were. The snow really hasn't melted much since it stopped snowing. Hopefully it will be better by next week. Fletcher hasn't gotten to work since Monday (which he is okay with) and I didn't have school all week. We haven't gotten to work on our house all week either. Oh wait! I haven't told you about that! That will be a whole new post! But, just for a little teaser...we bought a house!! Anyway, here's some photos to show you what our week has been like. 

Today I needed to make something. I haven't baked anything is weeks. So, I decided on cookie dough. It was supposed to be cookie dough truffles but I didn't have enough chocolate to dip them in. I didn't actually bake this but just being in the kitchen making some sweet was really nice.

So yummy!!

The boys went to town on theirs. 

 Playing some Mario Kart.

Once we finally got to Wal-Mart they had gotten a shipment of stuff in today and had plenty of milk so we stocked up!
P.S. Oklahomans don't really know how to drive in the snow. Most people were doing okay but there were quite a few more than I expected that were just crazy! We got passed on our way home by a guy driving with one hand on the bad, not so cleaned off side of the road and talking on his cell phone! Craziness! It's okay though we made it there and back in one piece but needless to say we will not be getting back out for the next few days! 

This is from yesterday when we went out to play in the snow. That's my brother standing in the snow that had piled up between two cars.

 The hubs and the brother standing on the other side of a snow drift on the side of the apartment building. They were still standing on a pile of snow behind that and there were some other taller snow drifts! 

This was Tuesday when it was still snowing. 

That is Fletcher's white truck and my car next to it. Yeah...not going anywhere. 

 My friend Brittany standing in the back of Fletcher's truck full of snow.

 The hubs and his snowy face!

My brother was trying to dig his car out of it's spot a little bit. We didn't get very far on it. 

Okay, here are some random pics of things I've acquired the past week or so.
This is our amazing new Curtis-Mathes television set! We bought it at an estate sale last weekend for $30! We think it is from the early 1960s. It's so amazing! It has a tv (obviously), a stereo and a record player! The best part is they all work perfectly! It is in such good condition. It's like we just bought it brand new! I can't believe we stumbled across this and to think we almost didn't go to that estate sale! How awesome does that look with the minty green walls in the background?? I love it!

A couple of cute little things I picked up at Target.

I also got a couple of dresses, a couple of mugs, a vintage Samsonite bag, and a very pretty milk glass decanter at the estate sale. I'll post pictures of them later. It was my first ever estate sale. I think I got a very good first impression of them and I can't wait to go to more! The house itself was really neat and the kitchen was straight out of the 1950s. The person had all vintage 1950s appliances! It was awesome!

Stay warm!

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