Wednesday, February 9, 2011

silly love songs

So, in about 5 days it will be my favorite day of the year. Yep, Valentine's day is almost here! Normally, I would be in full Valentine mode, making decorations, baking cookies and watching lots of romance movies. Moving has put a damper on those things. All the movies are packed, my craft supplies are packed and I just haven't gotten around to making cookies. Maybe I can today since we are snowed in and can't really do much else. Speaking of snow we got 14 more inches today! That's on top of the 20 we already had from last week! Needless to say, I am tired of snow. I want spring and summer...NOW! 

For now though, let's get back to Valentine's day. It warms my heart. It's always been one of my favorite holidays. I always celebrate it like one would celebrate Christmas. The entire month of January is Valentine's season for me. I put up decorations. I spend hours watching cute movies and listening to love songs. Even in years when I didn't have a Valentine I would still get so excited for it. Maybe it's because my parents always made a big deal about it. My Mom and Dad would both get me Valentine's day presents. They did that will almost every single holiday though. Even St. Patrick's day. My Mom would always get us something small just to say we got something. It was fun. Still to this day though I get so excited for Valentine's day. Now I have a permanent Valentine, my lovely husband. That makes it even more special. I love going out and picking out cute little presents for him and planning a cute date. We've decided the past few years to have 2 Valentine's days so we can both plan a special date for the other. Last year was so magical. The day before Valentine's day we went to a place in Tulsa called Caramel (it's closed now. sad.) and my love bought me the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. It's one of my favorite movies and we love to sing the songs to each other. It's pretty cute. :) Then the next day, on Valentine's day, we went to see Valentine's Day and it was so good. That day he bought me the soundtrack for that movie too. I'm a sucker for love songs. Later that night we went to The Melting Pot for a cozy, romantic date. It was so amazing. That night we decided that "Today Was A Fairytale" by Taylor Swift was our theme song for the day. I think it will end up being the same this year. The hubs and I have a million songs that seem to describe us perfectly but that one was just special that day. I literally cried on the way home listening to it that night because I just love him so much. Yeah, cheesy I know...sorry. :) 

Anyway, here's what I've decided to do this year. Starting today, I will make a list of 5 of our favorite love songs. I'll post a list every day until Valentine's day and then I'll do a list of 10 on Valentine's day including some I have already posted and some new ones. I think it will be fun and I love sharing new song and new artists with people. So, I hope you enjoy and comment with some of your favorite love songs or any song! 

Feb. 9th - Oldies:

1. Silly Love Songs - Paul McCartney & Wings - WATCH THE VIDEO
2. Chapel of Love - The Dixie Cups - WATCH THE VIDEO
3.  I'm Into Something Good - Herman's Hermits - WATCH THE VIDEO
4. I Want To Hold Your Hand - The Beatles - WATCH THE VIDEO
5. Can't Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley - WATCH THE VIDEO

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  1. You are adorable, and I hope you have a great Valentine's day as always! :)
    love your bff