Sunday, April 24, 2011

Reading list

I am so very excited that this is my last week of classes. Then just one more week for finals and school is officially out! I have read so many books this semester for my regional literature class and though I did like some of them they would not have been books I would have personally chosen. I have started a personal reading list and here are the first 3 books I have on there.

Water for Elephants
I just saw the movie yesterday and let's just say I'm going to watch it again next weekend! It was absolutely amazing! I wanted to read the book first but I didn't have time but I'm really excited to read it. I think it will be really good even though I was told there are some differences from the movie. I'm not particularly picky about those things though. I consider books and movies to be completely different obviously and I think that people dwell too much on whether they did a 100% accurate portrayal or not. I  don't care if they change a few things. This movie was amazing. I recommend that everyone go see it. Even if Rob Pattinson isn't your favorite (I love him) who doesn't love the circus?!

Something Borrowed
I don't know too much about this book but I know the movie is coming out soon so I'd like to read it before I watch the movie. I'm all for girly stories!

I Was Told There'd Be Cake
I don't know much about this book either but I got it from a dear friend and I have been dying to read it. I'm sure it will be a good one.

I hope some of these books make your lists. I'll try to do some book reviews after I read them. What do you have on your summer reading list? Sci-fi thrillers, love stories, biographies? Leave a comment and let me know! Maybe I'll find some more books for my list!

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  1. i like the look of your blog too! i hired landon to make my header and side links,since that is beyond me.haha.
    i am rereading alot of the books and series i read when i was younger, like little house on the prairie!