Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So far this month the weather has been so warm. Up until the past few days it was normal for it to be around 60 degrees everyday. Now we are down to 40 degrees. I am loving it. It didn't feel like Christmas time when it was so warm. 

Fletcher and I have been doing our Advent calendar activities every day. He even helped me come up with half of them. We've gone on a fondue date, baked cookies, watched lots of Christmas movies and some other super fun stuff. This is my absolute favorite time of the year. It's so magical. I've got most of my Christmas shopping done. I just have a couple more things to pick up and I'm waiting on a few things to come in the mail. 

I hope you are all enjoying the season so far!!

1 comment:

  1. That sunset in the picture is gorgeous!
    And i'm happy to see a post from you again, i have missed them! :)
    Hope your having fun with all of your christmas activities. I agree that Christmas is so magical!