Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Coffee lovers

The hubs and I are slowly becoming coffee snobs. He recently (like year or so ago) started drinking coffee to help him wake up in the morning and now he loves it. He almost likes it more than I do. We recently started trying new kinds and we bought an Aeropress. It is by far my favorite way to make coffee at home. So far our favorite bran is most definitely Stumptown. We heard a lot of good things from a lot of people so I ordered one of their most popular blends for our first try. I am excited to try some different blends from there as well. I'm realizing that I love making coffee almost as much as I love drinking it. I'd love to open a coffee shop someday or possibly a mobile shop!

What kind of coffee do you like? Do you have any suggestions we should try?

1 comment:

  1. I think I love making coffee more than I love drinking it some days haha
    Matt's parents have a really nice espresso machine, so I've been spoiled by getting to make one every morning. I'm going to miss it!

    You'll have to let me know some of your other favorite coffees. Have you tried Handsome Coffee?