Thursday, December 19, 2013

Albuquerque, NM

We decided very last minute to take a little detour on our way home through Albuquerque, NM. Yes, we just wanted to go check out all the Breaking Bad filming locations. Yes, we are giant nerds. It was awesome! It only added a few hours to our overall drive home so we figured, hey, why not?! So, off we went! We left Estes Park, CO about 5 p.m. on Sunday. We had decided to drive as far as we possibly could so we'd have plenty of time Monday to go to all the different locations in ABQ. We drove though Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs after dark. That was kind of sad but I know we will be back soon and we can go check them all out properly. We did stop in Denver at Ikea to eat dinner and ya know, it's Ikea. Who doesn't want to stop there?! It was crazy because we've only been to 1 other Ikea in Dallas and we thought it was huge!!! The Denver Ikea was like 3 of the Dallas one!!! It was crazy!! I picked up a few snacks and the Ikea cookbook which is amazing! Then we were on our way again. We drove until about 1 in the morning but we made it to Santa Fe, NM and seriously, even though it was dark the entire time we had to most fun drive ever! It was probably a mix of excitement and possibly being tired even though we did not feel tired at all!

**Spoiler Alert!!**
*There may be few spoilers from the whole series so continue at your own risk!*

Santa Fe, NM.

The drive between Santa Fe and Albuquerque took about an hour and was actually really pretty. I imagined a lot of desert but it was actually a nice mix of desert and mountains.

If you've watched Breaking Bad you might remember this as Saul's office. "Better call Saul!!"

Yeah, we totally saw Walt's car (or almost Walt's car, close enough!) over by Saul's!! Needless to say, this started our giggly tour!

Walter White's house!!!!!! No joke, it was so exciting to see it in real life!

I kinda wanted to go get a pizza and throw it on the roof. Haha!

Then we headed over to the car wash that Walt worked at and he and Skylar eventually bought.

These were behind the car wash. Yeah, we got out and took pictures with them in front of a crazy long line of people waiting to get their cars washed!

ABQ had some beautiful scenery.

The dam where Jesse & Walt go to get picked up to start their new lives with their new identities.

Fletcher of course had to have a mini photo shoot to pretend he was in the show. 

Totally climbed up that super steep thing!

Jesse & Jane's duplex

This is the super sketchy motel where Wendy hung out and where Hank took Walt Jr. to talk to him about drugs.

Tuco's headquarters which is actually a coffee shop. We totally went in and got coffee.

Jesse's house!!! We met some fellow Breaking Bad fans here taking pictures. They were really cool. One of them was from ABQ and she was showing the rest of them around while they were there visiting.

The Dog House where Jesse went to meet some of his clients. 

We went to check out The Candy Lady. She sells rock candy that she packages like the blue meth from the show. She also made the actual candy they used in the first couple of seasons of the show!

We totally had to dress up as Heisenberg!!

Our last stop was at Twisters which is where they filmed all the Los Pollos Hermanos scenes. This was probably my favorite stop. I loved Gus on the show!

I totally sat where Gus & Jesse sat in the show!!!!!

Fletcher sat where Walt always sat. He was loving it!

They painted the logo on the wall and left it there after they were done filming.

Last view of ABQ!!

We drove by the sketchy motel again and I totally got a picture of the whole thing. We had no idea we were going to drive by it. I'm surprised I got my camera ready in time!

Albuquerque was so awesome and we definitely want to go back and check out all the other awesome things we saw that weren't related to Breaking Bad! Ha!

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  1. How fun! And it looks like you guys had a nice time in Colorado :D
    I spent a lot of Christmases at my grandparent's cabin in Silver Thorne, so Colorado will always be near and dear to my heart.
    My Aunt & Uncle, who live in Denver, now own the cabin and I am dying to take Matt & Seth there!!