Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our little Christmas

We decided to exchange our gifts before we left to go visit family. I definitely enjoy having our own little Christmas each year. 

Otter just could not stand knowing something was in her stocking. She had 4 toys in there and we had already given her one a few days before and she did not forget that there was a toy in there! She would walk around and whine and look at it until we gave her one. It was pretty cute. 

She loved her toy that Sam & Rob got her! 

Every year, Fletcher and I fill up each others stockings. It's probably my favorite tradition we have. This year we didn't have as much in them because we kind of couldn't wait and had given each other some of our presents early that probably would have been put in our stockings but we got impatient! Oops...

Fletcher was pretty happy with his sweets! 

I told Fletcher a super long time ago that my favorite thing to get is cards. I just love the thought and effort it takes to pic a cute card and then actually write something thoughtful and heartfelt inside it. Now, every holiday I get a card. It's my favorite thing ever. He's seriously the sweetest ever. He also is an amazing gifter.

I would have had 2 more little Kinder bars but someone (Otter) decided that she needed all the stockings and she had knocked mine down earlier that day and somehow taken all the stuff out of the stocking and got the box of Kinder bars from the very bottom of my stocking and chewed through the box and ate two of them! Luckily, she was fine. They didn't have very much chocolate to them so it wasn't bad. She's a brat.

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