Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Memorial Day

Yesterday I went with my parents to decorate for Memorial Day. It's kind of a tradition for the 3 of us to go and take flowers to their parent's graves and we always stop and have lunch. This time we threw in a little shopping on the way too. Always a fun addition to any outing. I decided to take my camera so I could play with my lens. I've been so excited about it and just ready to get out and take tons of photos. So, hey, hit me up, let's have a photo shoot! 

Our first stop was the cemetery where my mom's parents are buried. 

We googled to see if any famous people were buried at this cemetery and turns out Joe Frazier who was a famous baseball player in the 1940s is buried in Bixby, Ok. Pretty awesome, so we walked around and found his headstone. The other headstone was just kinda neat. It was super old and kinda sounds like an old western cowboy name. 

Then, we went to Broken Arrow where my dad's parents are buried and walked around there for a while looking for one of my brother's best friends who died when they were younger.

Not gonna lie, I was a bit hesitant to post cemetery photos but I loved how these came out.

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