Wednesday, July 16, 2014

daily routine

This guy is my absolute favorite. We've been making our way through Supernatural since we finally finished Dexter. Which, by the way, we both actually liked the ending of Dexter. We heard so many bad things about it but managed to keep an open mind and I'm very glad we did. A more in depth explanation of why will have to wait for the (possible) tv/movie review blog Fletcher and I may be starting together.

A normal evening for us is picking out something on Netlfix and make some delicious coffee to go with it. It's extremely relaxing (unless it's an exciting show!) and while a lot of people may think it's not very personal but for us it's one of our favorite couple activities. We tend to debate a lot about the things we watch so it leads to some great conversations.

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  1. It is a great time together and I am glad you appreciate the quite evenings at home. Less than two years to go and I will be enjoying them again too. :)