Monday, July 21, 2014

Handsome Coffee Roasters

I've been eyeing Handsome Coffee for a while now and when I found out that they were merging with Blue Bottle and wouldn't be around much longer I had to snag some beans before it was too late.  I decided to give the Dapper Espresso a shot. (Pun intended) 

When you first smell it you get a lot of woodsy notes with a hint of sweet. It smelled delicious but I was a little worried it would be a little weird in a latte. Once I ground the beans it changed a bit and a lot more of the woody/nutty scent came out. I used my aeropress to brew it and once I poured the water in it smelled so delicious. It was woody, dark and a bit chocolatey. I used a little white chocolate sauce in my latte and it definitely helped bring out the sweetness and nuttiness of the espresso. 

Overall, I love this espresso. I'm so sad that I won't be able to order any more but I'm glad I at least got to try some. I haven't gotten to try a shot of it from an espresso machine yet. I'm hoping to be able to share it with some friends who have one and we can try it out that way as well. 

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  1. The packaging is perfect and it sounds delicious! I wish I would've heard of it before they switched over! Oh well, you'll just have to find another good one on your trip! ;)