Sunday, August 24, 2014

Road Trip 2014: Day 4

Fletcher wanted to spend the day at the beach in LA but the weather didn't really permit so we decided that we would swim the next day at the first beach we saw. We drove up the PCH to Santa Barbara and decided it was pretty much the perfect place so we got some coffee then hit the beach. We parked out on a wharf which was awesome and scary at the same time. Haha! You could hear the wood creaking as we drove out on it. There were some adorable shops we checked out on our walk to the beach. 

After we left Santa Barbara we got back on the PCH and headed towards Big Sur and McWay Falls.

My husband, the model.

We were racing daylight to get to the falls. I think we got there at the perfect time. It was getting foggy and the lighting was perfect. It wasn't too bright so there weren't any harsh shadows. It was beautiful. I've seen so many pictures of the falls before but it didn't make it any less amazing to see in person. The water was so blue!! 

Sadly, once we left the falls it got dark really fast so the rest of our drive that night was a little scary. One thing that was pretty cool though was driving through Big Sur in the dark. Once you get to the little village where Big Sur Bakery is it was just so magical. We stopped at the bakery and got the most delicious hot chocolate. I won't lie, half the reason we stopped there was because Taylor Swift had been there recently. If you know me you know I love her. The other half was because it was just so enchanting. It was pitch black outside and the adorable little cabin was lit up with dim candle lighting. It's so difficult to describe. It's one of those things you have to see it to know exactly what I mean. It was so cozy and being in the middle of the coastal forest with the giant pines and redwoods was just perfect. We're already planning a stay in Big Sur sometime.

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