Thursday, August 21, 2014

Road Trip 2014: Day 2 // part 2

On our way to the Grand Canyon we ran across Bedrock City! I knew about this park and my parents have taken my brothers there when they were little but I totally forgot about it with all the excitement of the trip. So, we were pretty surprised and stoked to see it! Of course, we had to stop even though we were racing daylight to get to the Grand Canyon. It was possibly one of the funnest stops. There was hardly anyone there. There were 2 other families there when we first got there then one of them left so it was pretty empty and so much fun. We literally went into every building and took pictures with every thing in the park. 

While we were there Fletcher joined a biker gang, got arrested and no one would bail him out. Haha! See, I told you we were having a great time!

This little guy reminded me of Otter.

I got to try out an old school camera. ;)

Fletcher got to exercise a little bit. 

We barely made it to the Grand Canyon before it got dark. But we did get to see it and let me just say it is very epic. Sounds a little cliche but it was awesome. We definitely want to go back and hike and check out a lot more of the park. On the way in we saw some small fires. They were having a lot of wild fires around there but luckily they were still open. We also saw a bunch of elk on the side of the road inside the Grand Canyon park. Fletcher got out and took a selfie with one of them. It was pretty cool to see them so up close. 

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