Monday, November 1, 2010


This past weekend we went to visit my brother down in Texas. On our way to his house we have to drive through Paris, Texas. I've always wondered if they had an Eiffel tower. This time as we were driving through town we noticed a new sign that said "Eiffel Tower" and pointed to the left down a road. We didn't have time to stop on the way down there so we decided to stop on the way home and check it out. It was awesome!

Yep, that's Mr. Rules don't apply to me. He's a goof.


  1. hello nice the meet u.. u go to paris????

  2. Hahahha, I read the sign and then see the pic of him on the tower and I literally gasped! I was like "oh noooo, the polica are gonna come any second, get down, get down!" You little bonny and clyde bandits :)