Thursday, July 7, 2011

lately (iphone update)

 tried my hand at making a homemade was okay.

cleaned the yard and found a turtle!

made my sisser some yummy choco chip cookies for her birthday

got all dolled up.

made cupcakes

really want a car like this.

drove around in small town oklahoma.

walked around our town's tiny hay day carnival.

play monopoly with some friends.

i've eaten a lot of candy lately.

froyo date.

donut date.

super yummy chips.

got my bake on in my super cute apron that my friend made me. 

walked around the carnival at the huckleberry festival in our hometown.

game night with my parents.

went thrifting.

tried new soda flavors.

blood orange is the best.

watched some pretty fireworks.

cupcake date with one of my besties. 

I feel like I have already posted some of these photos but I checked and I don't think I have. Hmm...weird. I also realized that every single one of the dates the hubs and I go on always involve some sort of sweets. I am going to go ahead and consider that a good thing. 


  1. I love turtles!!!! I can't wait till my Delilah gets that big!

  2. I have a sweet tooth now, thanks :]