Friday, July 29, 2011

Friendly Friday: Gourmet Giggles

Today is the first day of our new feature, Friendly Friday! I'm really excited to get started. I will be interviewing different bloggers every week and posting the interviews here. Let's get started with week 1. 

I'd like to introduce Malorie of Gourmet Giggles. I've known Malorie since 5th grade. She now has a beautiful family and is getting a new little blog started. 

1. What do you blog about?
My blog is a bit sporadic. I blog about my life as the wife of a chef, being a mother, and whatever sparks my interest.

2. What inspires you?
Everyday life. I love seeing the blessings God has given me..  I have an amazing and talented husband and a gorgeous daughter.

3. How did you get started blogging?
I love to write and started a blog about a year ago, but between working and planning my wedding I stopped. Now that life is slowing down I am excited to be back at it.

4. What are your top 3 favorite movies?
1. Tombstone 2. The Goonies 3. The Wizard of Oz

5. Favorite foods?
 hmm.. thats a hard one.. I love trying new things, but if I had to pick I really love pork cheeks and fried chicken.

6. How about favorite tv shows?
Modern Family and Psych!!

7. Any favorite blogs?
Honey and Thread of course! I also love AmyHortonPhotography and Unveiled Wife.

8. Words of wisdom?
 Listen to your heart. People will always give you advice and tell you what they think is best for you, but don't let that keep you from what your heart tells you to do.

Thanks Mal!
Everyone should go check out her blog and show her some love! 


  1. ohh love this new feature doll! and your theme which i am just now seeing the new blog look :)

  2. ps- i have a new feature i want you to do a guest post for! u still have my number doll? text me , i am barely on facebook :)

  3. so fun! i'll have to check out her blog now :D

  4. this is fun! i saw on your twitter,if you ever need anyone for a friendly friday,i would be interested!