Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Film About Coffee

Tonight we went to a screening of A Film About Coffee. It's a documentary about the many stages of coffee. From the very first cherry is picked to the beautiful latte or cup of coffee that it becomes we see each step in between. It shows some of the farms where coffee is grown in Rwanda and Honduras and they also show some well-known coffee shops like Stumptown and Coava. It was really cool seeing how much passion goes into each cup and where all the beans come from and how they are farmed and processed. It was also really cool to see a couple of the shops we visited (and loved) in Portland last month in the film as well. The screening in Tulsa was sponsored by Topeca Coffee and Nordaggios Coffee which are both located here in Tulsa. 

We met our friend, Renee, at the Circle Cinema and enjoyed a little coffee before the film. Then we stuck around after for a Q&A with some of the people from Topeca and we tried some delicious espresso.

The film was so amazing. It was very inspiring to see how much love and passion is in the specialty coffee industry. There was a barista in the film that talked about how she just loves seeing people enjoy the drinks she makes them and seeing them happy and smiling. That really sounded a lot like myself. I love baking someone cookies or making them a latte and seeing how much they enjoy it. I love putting smiles on other people's faces. The whole experience was not only educational but, like I said, inspiring. I'm ready to learn more about coffee and brewing methods. 

If you have a chance to go to a screening DO IT! You won't regret it. Even if you aren't a barista or a coffee enthusiast it's a great documentary. There is a lot of information on the film's website so definitely check it out and see if there is a screening happening near you. 

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