Monday, September 1, 2014

Road Trip 2014: Day 12

This was our last day in Portland. :( We were so sad and really really didn't want to leave. We got up really early so we could make a few stops before we met up with Darby and her husband for a photo shoot. I'd talked to Darby online and through our blogs a bit and we finally met in person the day of the Showbread show. Fletcher and I wanted some fun Portland photos from our trip plus we figured why not get some anniversary photos while we are at it. So, we hired Darby to photograph us at some very Oregon/Portland locations. 

Our first stop was the Pittock Mansion. I had heard the views were amazing so we decided to check it out since it was on our way to our other stops. It was well worth it. The view was stunning.

Hi Portland! We miss you!!! 

 Our next stop was Stumptown again to pick up some souvenirs and get 1 more nitro cold brew before we left. We ended up at the Stumptown next to Voodoo and since there was no line we decided to get donuts one more time before we left.

It was the day after Robin Williams passed and they had made this gigantic donut in memoriam of him.

Had to get some photos with the "Keep Portland Weird" wall. Duh! Then we headed down the block to Stumptown. Seriously, they are the nicest people ever. Long story short, I tried to pay with a visa gift card and my total was more than what the gift card had left so it locked up their system. It was frozen for at least 15 minutes while I sat there apologizing for being difficult and holding up the line and EVERYONE was so nice! The baristas were so nice and made sure to tell me it wasn't my fault it was a new system that wasn't 100% perfected yet and the customers behind me were so patient and hey, a few of them even got free drinks because of me. It was crazy. Each time the girl would ask the next person what they wanted and they said they didn't have cash she would tell them it was on the house and I kid you not every single person said they'd come back later and pay for it. SO NICE! Anyway, they finally got it all back up and running and we figured out my payment situation and they even gave me 2 free drink cards! I can see why Stumptown is the best. Not only do they have delicious coffee but they have the nicest employees. 

Next stop, Barista. We only stopped in here to grab a mug. The Barista shops are so nice. They look very sleek and modern but also very classy and sophisticated. Again, super nice employees too! 

There was a wall in the building where Barista was that had a bunch of clocks with different Portlands and the current time at each one. I snapped this photo because my brother lives in Portland, TX and it just so happened to be next to the Portland, OR one, where I'll probably live someday ;) 

After that we headed across the river and still had some time to spare before we met up with Darby so we decided to check out Coava. Darby's husband, Derrick, works at this Coava but he wasn't there that day since he was helping Darby with our shoot. 

We met up with them at Stumptown and cashed in our free drinks. Fletcher got a mocha which was the best mocha I've ever had. Then we snapped a few photos outside the coffee shop and then headed toward Multnomah Falls for the rest of the shoot. 

After we got to Multnomah and snapped a few photos before we decided it was waaaay too crowded we decided to go to another waterfall not too far away. On the way we stopped at this river overlook and took a photo of all four of us. New friends! YAY! :) 

I'm not sure exactly what the other waterfall was called. It was a pretty quick stop but super cool. You could walk right up to the falls. I can't imagine how beautiful all these places must be in the fall. Next time we will plan our trip right when the leaves change. 

We parted ways with Darby and Derrick and headed east. It was pretty sad having to leave. We will be back though. A little ways down the highway we saw a tree farm and Fletcher just had to turn around and take some pics. 

The closer to Idaho we got the flatter it got.

We were going to stop at Pendleton but we got there like 5 minutes after they closed. 

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  1. It was fun getting to know you guys. Glad we got to be a part of your big adventure!