Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Road Trip 2014: Day 14 & 15

The second to last day of our trip was our last adventure day. We started our day in Green River, Wyoming and headed towards Greeley, Colorado to pick up Fletcher's brother. Once we picked him up we headed to Boulder to check out a couple of coffee shops. 

Our first stop in Boulder was Boxcar Coffee Roasters. We've been following them on Instagram for a while and we'd seen a video about their "boilermaker" brewing method so we were pretty stoked to check them out. 

Fletcher had to try the "boilermaker." Basically, they mix the grounds and water and put it on their special stand to boil it. I don't remember exactly but there's something about the water boiling at a different temperature because of the altitude. Either way, it's freaking hot! 

I got an iced coffee and Fletcher's brother got a mocha.

The second place we wanted to check out in Boulder was The Unseen Bean. The roaster is blind so he uses smell and sound to roast their beans. It's pretty awesome. So, we had to check them out. We got a Nutella latte and oh my gosh it was delicious!

After we finished up in Boulder we headed to Denver. We were trying to make it to a certain coffee shop before they closed but we didn't make it so I googled and found Corvus Coffee Roasters. I am so glad we found this place. It was so cool. We got there 2 minutes before they closed. The 2 guys who were working were so nice! They could tell we were visiting and we started talking about some places we'd already been on our trip and we talked about some other places they recommended. They had nitro brew at this place too and a nitro with hops (non-alcoholic). We had to try it. It was so tangy!

Denver was a lot of fun. We had dinner with his brother and his girlfriend and then we headed out to Kansas. 

The last day of our trip was pretty boring. We drove through most of Kansas and then back to my parent's house. We didn't take many pictures so I'll just throw our last one in on this post. 

After 15 days, 11 states, 5,250 miles and 5,255 photos later we were back home. It was the best two weeks of my life. I got to explore so many new places with my best friend and see lots of new and old friends along the way. We can't wait until our next adventure! 

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