Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chocolate Gravy

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Chocolate gravy is something that my family has grown up on. My mom makes it for us usually on holidays when my brothers are in town or sometimes just because. I'm not sure where chocolate gravy originated but who cares?! It's amazing. It's almost like dessert for breakfast. Essentially, it is milk, cocoa powder, flour and sugar, we all add butter after it has been served but I'm sure that it could be added to the mix while it is cooking. My mom's recipe is so simple, and it doesn't need to be changed one bit if you ask me but, I do think there could be some vanilla added or possibly heavy cream instead of milk. I've been wanting to tinker with it but I just haven't had a chance yet. Other recipes I've found can vary a bit when it comes to the ingredients but I'm sure that they are all just as delicious. We always have our chocolate gravy with biscuits and some of my family likes to dip their bacon and eggs in it too. I've yet to try those and I probably never will but hey, they like it a lot. I'm content with my golden, fluffy biscuits and my yummy, buttery, chocolate gravy.

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