Friday, April 23, 2010

wedding season

It is Spring and that means wedding season! I love weddings so much. I wish I could get married again and it hasn't even been 2 years haha! I think that may be too soon to renew vows. Anyway, my best friend just got engaged a couple of weeks ago and that is so exciting! We took a wedding planning class together so we are ready to tackle this! Also, one of my other friends is getting married tomorrow and of course, just like every wedding it seems, she has hit a few snags. One thing is that her DJ cancelled on her last minute so Fletcher and I are in charge of music for the reception and let me tell you wedding playlists are hard to plan! I think we've got it pretty figured out so far. I think we did pretty good in 2 days! It is kind of scary to be in charge of music that people are going to dance too, you have to worry about whether it will be fast enough to dance to or slow enough to dance to. Kinda confusing really... I think we've got it though! Let's hope it is a success and everyone is happy with our musical choices! :)

This is a super cute invitation idea I found. I forgot where I saw it though :/ oops!

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  1. i adore weddings as well. would you send me the list of songs you chose? unless you would have to type it up, in that case, no worries. and that is a super cute invitation!