Thursday, April 1, 2010


Tonight, Fletcher and I went to Tulsa to a book signing. We went to meet Molly Wizenberg, the creator of Orangette, contributor to Bon Appetit, and the author of "A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table."
I just got the book a week or so ago so I haven't quite finished it yet but I'm about halfway through and I've read many of her blog posts and all I can do is compare my story to hers. I thought maybe it was coincidental or maybe it just seemed so similar because it was just me wanting it to be but as we were sitting there tonight listening to her talk about her life and tell her story, Fletcher kept looking over at me. I couldn't help but smirk, I knew what he was thinking, our stories are very similar. He had even noticed it, it wasn't just in my head. He pointed it out afterwords while we waiting to meet her. Not only did she realize she loved food and wanted to work with it while she was still in college, she had thought she wanted to be a chef (I've recently looked into that career field), she also didn't pursue a career in what she majored in while at college (There's no way I will be using my degree, I don't think at least). There are many other things we share like our love of France, though I've never been it's always been a dream of mine, I love the sophistication and the generally love of food they have. Also, I believe that food is to be shared with others that you truly care about and love. This is exactly what she believes too. It's pretty crazy actually. We got to meet her and talk to her a little bit and she gave me some good advice, she said that I have plenty of time to find my dream career and find my niche and that I should learn as much as possible along the way. This is really inspiring. I am going to continue on in my major of business and continue to learn about and enjoy food and everything else that I do. She was truly inspiring and I hope I can possibly continue to talk to her in some way or form in the future.

Anyway, so far I love her book. It's incredible. Each chapter is like a chapter of her life, she has a story behind each recipe in the book and she plays them out almost like you are just sitting right next to her having coffee with her and swapping stories. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has any kind of interest in food. Its a great read, lots of laughs and some tears but overall a great read.

The event we went to was put on my Book Smart Tulsa. It's a pretty cool little group. They've brought some big names through Tulsa this past year, such as Julie Powell (author of Julie & Julia). I'm still mad at myself for missing that. Anyway, check them out!


  1. Very cool, Mandy. I wish I still lived in Tulsa, so I could join Book Smart Tulsa. Maybe, meeting her was just what you needed to see that you'd be good at owning your own food place :)

  2. this looks lovely! you won my giveaway! email me at with your address please:)