Monday, December 13, 2010

christmas presents

Friday my sister, Fletcher and I set out to get some Christmas shopping done. Little did we know that we would be out shopping for 12 hours straight! The upside is we all got 99% of our shopping done. I have 1 present left to get, Mendy has 1 or 2 left and Fletcher is done (of course, because I did most of it he was just along to drive us around.) It was a lot of fun! We went to 2 different malls, target, barnes & noble and a few other local places. Here's what we came back with...

It was quite a haul.

Then we ended up wrapping presents for 2 hours after we got home! So, we didn't get to bed until around 3 a.m. that night but it was all worth it. My tree looks happy with lots of pretty presents under it. 

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