Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our trip in iphone photos (image heavy)

Here are pretty much all the pictures I took with my iphone while we were on our trip to Corpus Christi.

Packing for the trip

 in the car

we ate a lot of candy on the way there, especially hot tamales 

we stopped by my brother's house to watch my niece play a softball game. this is before the game when they were warming up. she's almost 11 and an amazing softball player.  

my daddy :) 

my brother and his puppy 

 breakfast before we left my brother's house for Corpus Christi

 roadside fruit stand

 my daddy's puppy, sassy, and fletcher 

favorite road trip drink 

we stayed with my other brother in Portland, Tx. there were tons of windmills there. 

first dinner in Corpus. so yummy! 

my daddy and brother working on his jeep 

 the coolest grocery store ever. i wish we had one.

starbucks date with my love 

 finally got this cd while we were there


there were palm trees everywhere 

i found a stingray stinger! 

it was so windy down there and i had to wear my hair up everyday, which if you know me literally never happens. 

surfin' jesus! 

one of my favorite texas fast food places, wienerschnitzel! 

Selena memorial on the ocean 

we walked out on this. it was pretty cool.  

 feedin' the birds.

went to the beach and my brother and fletcher fed the seagulls.

i could sit on the beach all day. 

super yummy pizza

 we went walking on this trail every night. there was water on both sides. so beautiful.

fletcher and my nephew, they are buddies.  

awesome 2 story whataburger

view from the second story

we walked around the pier one night. so many cool boats. 

 tried coconut milk for the first time. 
pretty self-explanatory little burger joint. 

ate at a restaurant called doc's. so cool to be able to eat right on the ocean.

found a cool store called sun harvest farmer's market. it was pretty much like a whole foods or trader joe's.

sunrise the morning we left to head home. 

ride home. 

the hubs got a nice tan....i did not.

along with tons of seashells and sand we brought home this vertebrae we found on a beach we went to. no clue what it's from.

I didn't take very many pictures with my canon but I will be uploading them a little later for a more in depth post about our trip! Hope you all love the photos. Our trip was so fun!

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  1. What a fun trip! packing is the worst part for me. Probably because I wait until the last minute, ha!