Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vacation recap

We left for Corpus Christi on a Thursday and made our first stop at my brother's house on the way there. My niece is almost 11 and she plays softball and my brother is the coach for her team, the Sluggerz. They are pretty darn good. She pitches and let me tell you...she's way better than I ever could be. She's awesome! She's got some little muscles on those arms! Anyway, so we went to her game and they were so close to winning! They did a great job. Then we went and ate dinner and stayed the night at my brother's house. The next morning we got up and around and headed out for Corpus Christi at about 7:30. That's so early for me. Ha! But we were on our way to my other brother's house to spend the week and so my Daddy could help my brother work on his Jeep. 

We stopped a few times on the way to Corpus mainly because we had to let our dogs out but also to eat and then once to stop at a post office to mail some stuff. That was the most interesting post office experience I've ever had. My Dad and I went in so I could mail 2 packages and the lady was the nicest post office lady I've ever dealt with. First off they didn't have the right envelopes that I needed so she let us use 2 envelopes and only charged us for one and then the other package she let me mail in what it came in which I thought you could do but she said she wasn't supposed to do that. We got out of the post office spending less that 5 dollars when it should have been at least $15!! So cool, but I guess she had had a bad morning because when she got to work they found a cottonmouth in the break room!!! AH! I would have gone home after that if I were her. 

So, we continued on our trip and finally got to Corpus Christi around 6p.m. and went out to eat with my brother and his family. The next day we went and walked along the ocean and watched the wind surfers. They were awesome! Fletcher wanted to try it so bad but I don't think we would have had time for him to learn while we were down there so we just watched them. I would be too scared that the wind would carry me away! 

Each day we went and explored a different place on the ocean. One day we walked out on a super long fishing pier which was pretty cool and we went to 4 or 5 different beaches while we were there. Okay, so I had mentioned that I had never been to the ocean before and I hadn't that I remember. There's a chance I have been before when I was a baby and just don't remember but I don't count that so yeah this was an awesome experience for me. The first few days we were there we didn't go to a beach that you could swim at just random small beaches which I'm sure I could have walked in but hey, I'm kind of a scaredy cat so I wanted to wait until we went to the real beach that was for swimming. So when we finally went to the beach to swim I was brave enough to walk barefoot part of the way out into the water. I got to the point where it was a little over my knees but then I freaked myself out thinking about fish and  jellyfish touching me so I opted to sit under the umbrella on the beach while everyone else swam. Turns out that was my favorite part! I'd rather just relax on the beach with my toes in the sand than fight the waves to go out and swim. I have too much of an imagination to not think about things touching my legs and possibly stepping on something. 

One day we went to the pier to check out the boats and the Selena memorial. My brother's used to listen to Selena when I was little so I like her music now too. If you haven't heard of her then you should definitely check her out and watch the movie "Selena" with Jennifer Lopez. It's so good and such a sad story but Selena was amazing. So we went to check out the memorial for her in Corpus Christi since that's where she was from. 

After we left the memorial and were driving around downtown Corpus we saw a cool old motel so I had to snap a couple pics. Fletcher and I got to go explore some neat places in Corpus and got to eat at some awesome places while we were there. Those pics are in the last post of iphone photos. I didn't take very many pictures with my Canon because I mainly just didn't want it to get messed up with all the salty water and sand around. Also, my 4 year old nephew probably would have wanted to steal it from me like he did my phone haha! So, I just stuck with my trusty iphone and got some awesome pictures of the trip with it. 

This last photo is one I took with my Canon right after I took it out in the heat from the air conditioning. The humidity was terrible and so my camera got all fogged up on the inside but I just love how this photo came out! It looks vintage. :)  

Our trip was a success and I can't wait to go to the beach again. I'm thinking Hawaii or Florida sounds like a nice vacation for next year.... ;)

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