Tuesday, May 28, 2013

life lately

The past few weeks have been pretty good. Kinda of crazy weather wise though. We've had to run to friend's and family's houses to hide from tornados a couple of times but it's not so bad. It's scary but a nice little excuse to visit with loved ones.

Fletcher and I broke out the Xbox the other day and played some Left 4 Dead together. Shooting zombies can be romantic right? ;)

This past weekend we kicked things off by hanging out with our besties Sam & Rob. We had a nice little dinner, went to the mall and then hit up Barnes & Noble for some Starbucks. 

Fletcher totally photobombed us.

We spent the night at their house and the next day we went and got our first snow cones of summer! They were delicious. I got Summer Lovin' (peach, cranberry and lemon).

Then we headed to my parent's house for the rest of the weekend and ate a lot of food. We also went to see Fast & Furious 6 which we were both super excited about and it did not disappoint! Now I just need a sweet muscle car! 

Monday we had some delicious watermelon and then Fletcher and I went to Rogers, Ar. to do a little shopping and just hang out. We love going to Rogers. Then we just came home and are slowly getting back into our routine. Fletcher's still working tons of overtime so it's back to work for him and I've been doing some reorganizing/cleaning. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! 

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  1. your hair is looking so long & gorgeous!
    sounds like you're having some fun early summer days :)