Wednesday, August 3, 2011

favorite places: home edition

Here is a little peek at some of my favorite places in my living room.

This is on top of our retro tv/radio/record player. I absolutely love Eiffel Towers and these bottles were used in our Up photo shoot. The runner is actually a scarf from Express but it was so dang huge I decided to fold it up and use it as a runner for the top of the tv. 

This is my cookbook shelf. These are my babies.  

Casual reading shelf. I love all the books on this shelf. 

This little spot is on top of one of our dvd shelves. That is one of my favorite photos of Fletcher and I in Kansas City a couple years ago. His head always ends up getting cut out of the picture somehow. It's really just hiding behind the frame in this instance. That Polaroid camera came from my brother's work. He's a mechanic and they used it to take pictures of wrecked cars in the shop. I need to find some film for it and see if it still works. There are a few other odds and ends that landed on this shelf and of course another Eiffel Tower. Don't mind the rabbit ears. We live in the tiniest town ever and can't get cable out here. 

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into our home.

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