Saturday, August 6, 2011

wedding day memories

Here are some shots of the wedding day by my friend Amy Hendrix. She hung out with the girls all day and got some awesome memories on camera. I'm so glad that she was there to catch these moments. 

"Hey there, just washing my face."

Makeup time!

I did all of my bridesmaids makeup plus 2 friends that were there plus mine. I was a busy lady.

Hey Chrissy!

Sam getting her hair done. 

My turn to get my hair done!

My wonderful friend April did our hair.
I was doing Sam's makeup while getting my hair done.

Chrissy helping me get into my dress.

April is the only person that has ever gotten my hair to stay curly for longer than an hour. She's amazing!

We all had matching pearl necklaces. We are classy.

Last minute direction giving.

My lovely best.

My pretty girls!

Haha! We are too tough! 

Yeah, that's right, we're awesome.

I loved my bouquet.

Staged pictures. We couldn't help but laugh.


Making it' official. 

The boys...

Time to throw the bouquet!

Garter flingin' time!

My favorite cousin Abe!!!


The weekend of my wedding was so much fun. All my best friends in one place, hanging out and just having fun. Then I got to marry the love of my life. 

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